What makes Utopian different?

Great question, and the answer is three-fold; social impact, quality of coffee, and quality of service. Most important to all of us at Utopian is the Social Impact piece. Above all, we value people and the impact we can have making their lives better. Our founder, Brendon Maxwell, has personally traveled to the many countries of origin where the coffee is grown to make sure that it is ethically sourced and to find out how to better meet the needs of the farmers. Whether it’s helping coca (cocaine) farmers leave the drug trade and convert their farms to growing coffee, supplying a bicycle to help farmers in Rwanda get coffee to washing stations quicker, or for a small, family-owned Guatemalan plot to be better assisted with a motorized de-pulping machine, we are here to serve them. Along with your help and support, together we get to create a better world.

Second: Coffee Quality. We have labored to source some of the finest coffees in the world, and obsess over the precise roasting of them. When you order from Utopian, you receive the world’s finest coffees at the peak of freshness--we actually roast after you order. We control every variable within our power as tightly as possible to ensure that you receive the finest gourmet coffees available.

Third: Quality of Service. You can purchase coffee from a hundred different websites or stores. You can even buy good coffee from a lot of them. However, no one provides the combination of coffee and service that Utopian does. Each order is personalized. Even before you order, Utopian is set up to assist you in selecting coffees that cater to your specific tastes.

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