What is "Roaster's Choice?"

At Utopian Coffee, we source the highest quality, gourmet coffee beans from around the globe and from various regions and meticulously roast them to our exacting standards.

Roaster's Choice is always a single origin coffee. The selection generally rotates from around the globe, one month you might get a Central American coffee, the next a coffee from Africa, then from South America, then from Asia.

If you select more than one bag per month, we will send you a selection of single-origin coffees. Occasionally we may also include our signature blend, Utopian Reserve, or our dark roast, Utopian Obsidian if you choose to get a shipment of several bags every month.

Because Roaster's Choice features different coffees from all over the globe, the intricate flavors in the coffees will vary from month to month. If you would prefer to experience a consistent roast every month, we offer a consistent Utopian Reserve and the dark roasted Utopian Obsidian we can send each and every month. If you desire to get only the Utopian Reserve or Utopian Obsidian each month, please send us an Email and let us know your preference change and we will be happy to make that change for you.

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